Sonnar vs Planar – Part 2

In this post I look at the performance in terms of sharpness of the lenses at infinity (or close to it). Tested on Sony A7 on a small tripod, 100 ASA, comparing RAW files.

Here the scene. Sonnar left, Planar right. Click on the images for full resolution.

01 f2 overview

Let’s zoom in 1:1. At f/2, in the center the Planar and the Sonnar are almost undistinguishable (here you might notice a slight edge for the Planar, but I have another image where the Sonnar is slightly sharper. Ultimately this depends on the user’s ability to focus).

02 f2 center

But the Planar (right) clearly stands out in the borders, although its performance is not as in the center.

03 f2 border

At f/2.8 again in the center the two lenses are incredibly sharp and indiscernible.

04 f2_8 center

In the border the performance of both lenses increases, but the Planar is clearly superior.

05 f2_8 border

This is the Planar only. f/8 (left) vs f/2.8 (right). As good as it gets.

06 planar f2_8 f8

And here the Sonnar only: f/1.5 vs f/2. At f/1.5 the lenses is incredibly sharp in the center, showing only some chromatic aberration.

07 sonnar f1_5 vs f2