Digitalizing negatives: Scanner or Macro?

Comparing two setups to scan 35mm negatives:

1) Sony A7 with macro lens APO-Rodagon D1x 75mm


2) reflecta Professional RPS7200 Film Scanner

The test picture is taken on AGFA APX 100 35mm B&W film with Nikon FM2 50mm (unknown aperture/exposure)

Here the full picture (click to enlarge):

RPS vs A7 full

And here the detail (click to enlarge):

RPS vs A7 detail

Sony A7 on the left. Reflecta on the right.

Sony A7 on APO-Rodagon clearly outperforms in resolution the dedicated film scanner.

Both picture have been sharpened in Lightroom to level 25. The scanner also had the sharpening option enabled during the scanning process. The scanner was set to max resolution (7200 dpi) and then resized to half (~5000×3300). The Sony A7 RAW file was converted into positive with the negfix8 tool and resized to match the scanner resolution. Both pictures are compared as jpg.